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Wappinger Town Advises Residents To Only Flush Toilet Paper In Toilets



Whether you have a private sewage disposal system (septic tank) or you are connected to The Town’s Municipal Sewer System,  each has the same thing in common: they are designed to treat domestic waste only, human waste, and toilet paper.


This means NO paper towels , disposable wipes , antiseptic wipes , feminine products , petroleum products , paints , paint thinners , Industrial cleaners , grease, pesticides , etc. are to be flushed down the toilet.


During the Covid19 State of emergency, as declared by the NY Governor and Dutchess County Executive, there is a high demand for toilet paper and if not available, paper towels, cleaning wipes, etc.


Despite this crises it does change the plumbing’s ability to handle non-conforming wastes. If you are using additional amounts of paper towels and disposable wipes that’s a very good thing to stop the spread. However, it is equally important to dispose of them properly,  in the garbage.


On top of this crises no one needs the additional headaches of a backed up plumbing system.

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