Wappinger Town Hall is closed to the general public effective March 19, 2020. Town Hall will continue to be closed through April 30, 2020.
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Wappinger Town to Postpone Hydrant Flushing in United Wappinger Water District

At the beginning of 2020 fire hydrant maintenance and flushing schedules are determined for United Wappinger Water district and put on the Town website to keep the residents informed. According to our schedule and public notice on Monday April 13 the flushing program was to begin and end on May 1.  In light of the current crisis caused by the Corona virus, concerns have risen about  adding additional inconvenience to an already stressed community. After discussions with the Town water operators CAMO Pollution Control,  and Supervisor Richard L. Thurston a determination was made to tentatively delay the start of the flushing program until May 4.  This tentative date will be re-evaluated  April 24 and hopefully a permanent schedule will be determined. It’s very important to note this delay will not affect the quality or quantity of the districts water supply.

For more information please feel free to contact the Office of the Town Supervisor at 845-297-2744.

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