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A Labor Day Message to the Town of Wappinger Staff from Supervisor Thurston

A Labor Day Message to the Town of Wappinger Staff

My wife and I would like to wish everyone in our greater Wappinger community a very happy, healthful, and relaxing Labor Day 2022.

A special shout out, with deepest appreciation, to each and every one of our hard-working employees of the Town of Wappinger for your unending dedication and commitment to provide best-in-class service to our community members. Your tireless, daily efforts and sacrifices, especially made throughout the past several challenging years, have made the Town of Wappinger a much better place in which to live, play, and work.

It is our dream and hope that during the challenging economic times ahead all of us will strive further to improve the quality of the workplace and life throughout the Town. We hope that all of our residents may proudly look upon Wappinger as an even more affordable, caring and livable community.

Without a doubt, you, our staff, regardless of whether you sit behind a desk, operate a snowplow, or mow the parklands throughout our Town, are more important than any physical asset that the Town owns. You are the heartbeat, soul and conscience of our amazing government.

So, please sit back and relax with you family and friends during this holiday weekend, knowing that we deeply care about you and your loved ones. And, please know that it is my goal to improve upon our community and our appreciation of your services in the days, weeks and months ahead.


Until soon, please stay safe and remain well.

Dick and Yvonne Thurston


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