Wappinger Town Board Proudly Recognizes February As Black History Month


Wappinger Town Board Proudly Recognizes February As Black History Month

February is Black History Month. The Town of Wappinger would like to pay special tribute to the more than 400 years of history of African-American heritage, culture, and contributions to our American society. And, most specially, would like to recognize with profound appreciation and deepest respect for the generations of Black Americans who have valiantly struggled in the face of tremendous adversity and systemic racism to achieve fullest recognition as equal citizens in our society.

On January 23, 2023, The Wappinger Town Board unanimously approved a resolution sponsored by Supervisor Richard Thurston encouraging town residents “to honor and commemorate the history of Black Americans in our community, state and nation.”

The resolution notes that in 1976, former President Gerald Ford first recognized February as Black History Month “to celebrate the many achievements and contributions made by African-Americans to our economic, cultural, spiritual and political development.”

The resolution encourages all residents to celebrate “the diversity of cultures” within our community, and to promote an inclusive community in which “all residents – past, present and future – are respected and treated equally.”

Dr. Richard L. Thurston

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