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Wappinger Town Looking for Volunteers to Take Water Samples Throughout United Wappinger Water District


The United Wappinger Water District is required by the State Health Department to comply with a vast sampling program for many different analyses. Most of the sampling with the exception of lead and copper and coliform is completed without involving the residents. Current sampling requirements call for samples to be collected for lead and copper from 60 different homes within the United Wappinger Water District. The requirements call for a minimum of 6 hours of no water usage from the tap where sample will be collected and sample should preferably be collected at first draw of water In the morning prior to any other water use. This obviously requires the customers involvement therefore we are looking for VOLUNTEERS to collect a water sample for us.

The general procedures are as follows and more detailed Instructions will be sent at time of delivery of the sample bottle:

1) Volunteers selected are required to provide addresses and contact Information.

2.) CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. personal will coordinate with volunteers, drop off a one­ quart sample container, the volunteer will collect the sample with the first draw of water In the morning, no letting water run or rinsing of bottle.

  • The collected sample bottle should be left In the same location as delivered and CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. personal will pick It up.
  • All results from this monitoring effort will be sent tothe volunteers so they will have a record.

Please contact CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. if you are willing to volunteer at 845-463-7310.

CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. Is fully aware of concerns created by the pandemic and will take every step necessary to prevent personal contact with the volunteers.

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