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Wappinger Town partners with Fareground Inc. to offer a “Mini Food Pantry” at Wappinger Town Hall for residents in need

The Town of Wappinger is very excited to offer a mini food pantry for our residents who are in need at Wappinger Town Hall. Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, County Legislator Joseph D. Cavaccini, and the rest of Wappinger Town Government are proud to partner with a local organization, Fareground, Inc.
The “mini food pantry” boasts an array of non perishable foods and is located near the entrance to the Wappinger Town Senior Center, allowing for our seniors to access food as well.
Fareground is a charitable 501(c)(3) is a women-run food justice, anti-hunger organization, dedicated to nourishing the community by increasing access to healthy and affordable food by supporting and creating opportunities for delicious meals, education, and volunteer opportunities. Fareground aims to collaborate to serve the community in a variety of ways to create fair ground. With a focus on healthy food and accessibility for all, Fareground will support the necessary changes to build local food security.
Fareground strives to:
“Provide local, organic food whenever possible. We work with local farms and organizations to secure donations or affordable food.
Honor our community and all of its members, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, political beliefs, education levels, or socioeconomic class. We value inclusivity and equity.
Reach out and help to meet the needs of our community. We connect with the community in a variety of ways (I.e. coat drives, food drives, first responders to crises, social services, etc.).
Eliminate hunger by creating a bridge between communities by addressing poverty and sustainability. We are continuously examining privilege and disparities and disrupt this whenever possible.
Be as ecologically sound as possible and maintain the utmost respect for our environment. We recycle and compost and use actual dishes, cups, and cutlery to prevent waste at any time.”

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