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Justice Court

The Town of Wappinger Justice Court is one of 1,300 Town and Village Courts that play a vital role in the New York State Unified Court System. These courts have broad jurisdiction and they hear both civil and criminal matters.  On the civil side, the Town and Village Courts hear actions seeking monetary awards up to $3,000 and small claims proceedings for awards up to $3,000. These courts also handle landlord/tenant matters that may result in an eviction as well as a money judgment for back rent that is due. Town and Village Courts are best known for their small claims parts. Small claims proceedings are intended to provide a low-cost, simplified and informal procedure for individuals to resolve disputes involving limited monetary claims. Often individual litigants do not use an attorney in these matters and are not required to do so.

On the criminal side, these courts are authorized to handle matters involving the prosecution of pre-indicted felonies, misdemeanors and violations that are committed within the town’s or village’s geographic boundaries.

Court in session: Tuesdays 5:30 P.M., 1st and 3rd Thursday’s 5:30 P.M., 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 5:30 P.M. (Criminal matters are calendared on the Wednesday and Thursday court sessions.)

Small Claims: may be filed Mon-Fri 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M., the defendant’s residence, place of employment or business must be located within the Town of Wappinger. Claims in the amount of $1,000, or less- $10.00 to file, over $1,000 and up to $3,000- $15.00 to file.

Vehicle and Traffic: If you have received a ticket in the Town of Wappinger for the commission of a traffic infraction, it is your obligation as a motorist to respond. Information regarding how to proceed with the entrance of a plea may be found on the right side of the ticket issued. Upon the entrance of a plea of guilty, the court may impose a fine and notify the motorist by mail as to the amount of the fine and surcharge. (A mandatory surcharge is imposed on any conviction for a  ticket issued in the State of New York, section 1809a of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.) Instructions for payment procedures will be included. Upon the entrance of a not guilty plea the court will set the matter down for trial and the motorist will be notified as to the trial date.

– Filing Petition and Notice of Petition/ Summons and Complaint – $20.00 each
– Transcript of Judgment – $2.00 each
– Certificate of Disposition- $5.00
– Driver’s License Suspension Lift Fee- $70.00 per ticket issued

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, certified check or money order are acceptable forms of payment. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.  You must appear with photo ID to use a credit card.  A service fee of 2.99% of the payment amount will be assessed on all credit card payments.  (Neither the  municipality nor the court receives any portion of the service fee.)

The Town of Wappinger Court staff is available to answer questions regarding court procedures, but court clerks are not permitted to give legal advice.

Directions: From Route 84, take exit 13-Route 9 north, approximately 5 miles to County Route 93 (Middlebush Road) on left. The Court is located within the Town of Wappinger Town Hall Building which is 2/3 of a mile from Route 9 on the left hand side.

From the Mid-Hudson Bridge, take Route 9 South approximately 12 miles to County Route 93 (Middlebush Road), on the right and the Town Hall is approximately 2/3 mile from Route 9 on the left.

Honorable Carl S. Wolfson

Carl S. Wolfson, Town Justice

Honorable Heather L. Kitchen

Heather L. Kitchen, Town Justice

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Town Hall
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Wappingers Falls NY, 12590

Fax: 845-297-0145

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30A.M. - 4:00 P.M.