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Brexel-Schlathaus Park

Facility Information:

127 All Angels Hill Road

Wappinger, NY 12590

General Information:

5 Acres

Brexel-Schlathaus Park was graciously donated to the people of Wappinger in loving memory of Elise and George Schlathaus on April 18, 1978. This gift has truly become the center of our community as the park hosts many of the Parks & Recreation department’s events, including the Halloween Parade, and Town’s Tree Lighting.  The bandstand on the property takes center stage during the annual summer concert series and movies in the park series. Schlathaus Park is also home to the Town of Wappinger War Memorial, a nearly 20 ft statue of a World War II solider dedicated to all those who have served from the Town of Wappinger in fighting for our freedoms.

Facility Areas:

Brexel-Schlathaus Homestead Recreation Building

Band shell

Town of Wappinger War Memorial

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Brexel-Schlathaus Park