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Games of Chance Licensing

There are three types of Games of Chance:

  1. “Vegas Nights”
  2. Raffles
  3. Bell Jar Tickets


Authorized Organizations will need to apply for and obtain an identification number. Visit New York State Gaming Commission for more information on obtaining an identification number.

License to Conduct Games of Chance

It is best to submit an application in person. Applications can be dropped off at the Town Clerk’s Office at Wappinger Town Hall.

Application includes:

  • GC-2
  • GC-2a
  • GC-2b

(*Raffles with net proceeds to be less than $30,000 submit only a GCVS-1)

The application should be submitted in triplicate.

The applicant will include a check for $25.00 for each scheduled games of chance license period.

Finding and Determinations

The Town Clerk will forward a GC-4 to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department for an investigation.

Issuance of License

If the GC-4 is approved by the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department, the Town Clerk will issue the applicant a GC-5 (license to conduct games of chance)

Amendment to License

Applicants wishing to amend a license will submit a GC-6 in triplicate to the Town Clerk’s Office.

Important Notes

Bingo is a permitted activity in the Town of Wappinger by Chapter 77 of the Town Code of the Town of Wappinger.

Applicants should read Chapter 141: Games of Chance prior to submitting an application to the Town Clerk.

Texas Hold ‘Em is NOT an authorized game of chance.

Additional information can be found at the New York State Department of Racing and Wagering Charitable Gaming website.

Joseph P. Paoloni, Wappinger Town Clerk

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