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Town Board Grows Town Parks System for First Time in Two Decades with Reese Park Expansion

March 17, 2024:

Wappinger, NY – Earlier last week, Town Supervisor Joseph D. Cavaccini represented the Town of Wappinger in closing on a property on Route 9D, directly abutting Reese Park Town Nature Preserve. The purchase of 2513 Route 9D marks the first expansion of the Wappinger Town public parks system in nearly 25 years following the purchase of Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park.

The 1.75 acre property sits on the boarder of the Village of Wappingers Falls and currently consists of a house and a garage. The Town’s plans include the demolition of both structures to clear the way for a new trailhead, parking area, children’s playground, extending the sidewalk along the roadway from the Village line, and an improved highly visible entrance to Reese Park from Route 9D.

The trailhead will be named in memory of former Town Supervisor Louis Diehl, who resided on the property for many years.
The project, over a decade in the making, began when former Town Historian Brenda Von Burg, the daughter of former Supervisor Diehl approached the Town to recognize the legacy of her father, who served as Town Supervisor from 1967 to 1983. The efforts to purchase the property and see this project through to completion was perfected and executed this week when the Town Board voted unanimously to finalize the purchase on Monday, the closing was then held on Tuesday.
Town Supervisor Joseph D. Cavaccini stated, “This historic expansion of our parks system demonstrates our commitment to not only improve our infrastructure but also to expand what we offer our residents. The Louis Diehl Memorial Trailhead at Reese Park Town Nature Preserve will not only expand recreational activities for Village and Hughsonville residents, but also, provide an attractive point of access for those wishing to engage with nature and wildlife. I am excited to share this property with all in our community!”
First Ward Senior Councilman William H. Beale said, “The acquisition of this property is key in providing improved access to our Greenway Trail System. This 1.75 acre parcel is contiguous to both Reese Park and the southern boundary of the Village of Wappingers Falls on South Avenue (Route 9D), allowing for walkable sidewalk access and additional parking opportunities at the eastern end of this forty acre park.”

Reese Park Town Nature Preserve is a 40-acre green space adjacent to the Wappinger Creek. The park was donated to the Town in the 1960s, by the Reese Family of Hughsonville, as a Town owned nature preserve encompassing acres of natural species and wildlife all surrounding the majestic waterfalls in the Hunter Creek which flows through the middle of the park. Nature lovers can observe nature along scenic trails which stem from the shore of Wappinger Creek to the top of the ridge.

Town Takes Swift Action To Remove Unsafe Structure at New Reese Park Annex

March 18, 2024:


Wappinger, NY – Following a walkthrough of the new Town owned property at 2513 Route 9D over the weekend, Town officials uncovered structural deficiencies in the former residence on the site, posing an immediate danger to motorists traveling on Route 9D. This prompted, Town Supervisor Joseph D. Cavaccini to issue an Executive Order to immediately demolish the structures. Before 8:30am this morning, a contractor was retained, and the structures and safety concerns were removed.

Town Supervisor Joseph D. Cavaccini stated, “When there is a clear and present danger to our residents, it is our job to act. This is a change in philosophy that we will not wait or allow for problems to linger. The swift removal of this dangerous structure ensures the safety of our neighbors and will allow the Reese Park expansion project to move forward ahead of schedule. I am eager to work with our community to develop this site for the benefit of our Town and Village residents.”

First Ward Senior Councilman William H. Beale said, “The deteriorating structural integrity of the existing buildings on this site required immediate demolition to protect public health and safety. This step gives the Town a unique opportunity to create a vision with a ‘blank canvas’. I look forward to collaborating with our Town and Village partners in the months ahead.”

Fourth Ward Councilman Al Casella went on to note, “The acquisition and demolition of the property at 2513 Route 9D was a long time coming. This was a safety issue and an eyesore in our community. This was welcomed by many and will be a place to eventually connect with Reese Park for all to enjoy the walking trails, as well as the peace and quiet of this beautiful property. I was personally there this morning with Town Supervisor Cavaccini, Councilmen Phillips & Beale, and Councilwoman Bettina as the demolition took place. The company that took down the building was quick, efficient, and careful not to disturb the neighbors’ properties or Route 9D.”


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