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Wappinger Town Board Approves Resolution Recognizing March 14th As Math Recognition Day

During  the March 9, 2020 Regular Meeting of the Wappinger Town Board, Resolution 2020-74 a Proclamation Recognizing March 14th As Math Recognition Day was passed.

WHEREAS, March 14th is observed as Pi Day since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of P, the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter in decimal form which continues to infinity without repeating; and

WHEREAS, March 14th has been proclaimed as Math Recognition Day to commemorate the mathematical constant P (Pi) that has been studied throughout history and is central in mathematics as well as science and engineering; and

WHEREAS, mathematics and science are a critical part of our children’s education and children who perform better in math and science have higher graduation and college attendance rates; and

WHEREAS, aptitude in mathematics, science and engineering is essential for a knowledge-based society; and

WHEREAS, on March 14th students are recognized for their outstanding work in mathematics; and

WHEREAS, the Town Board wishes to proclaim that March 14th be recognized as Math Recognition Day.


1.  The recitations above set forth are incorporated in this Resolution as if fully set forth and adopted herein.

2. The Town Board hereby recognizes and proclaims March 14th as Math Recognition Day as part of the annual celebration of Pi Day and encourages schools and educators to observe the day with appropriate activities that teach students about Pi and encourage the abstract study of mathematics.

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