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Wappinger Town Hall Is An Early Voting Center For The 2023 Primary Election – Starting June 17

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The Town of Wappinger would like to inform you that the Dutchess County Board of Elections has selected the Town Hall as an early voting site for the upcoming elections. They will be setting up the voting booths Main Town Board Meeting Room.

Dates & Times:

Saturday June 17th – 9am to 5pm

Sunday June 18th – 8am to 4pm

Monday June 19th – 9am to 5pm

Tuesday June 20th – 12pm to 8pm

Wednesday June 21st – 9am to 5pm

Thursday June 22nd – 12pm to 8pm

Friday June 23rd – 9am to 5pm

Saturday June 24th – 9am to 5pm

Sunday June 25th – 9am to 5pm

For More information please visit the Dutchess County Board of Elections

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