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Town Supervisor Cavaccini and Wappinger Town Board Authorize Street Lighting at Critical Intersections and Roadways for Increased Safety

Wappinger, NY – As a part of the Town of Wappinger’s Safe Streets Initiative, launched this year by Town Supervisor Joseph D. Cavaccini, the Wappinger Town Board has authorized moving forward with erecting additional street lighting across the Town at various unsafe intersections.  Over the course of January and February, accident reports were reviewed and intersections along high traffic areas were observed to identify priority locations in Town.

Town Supervisor Cavaccini said, “We have all seen the increased traffic and the increased severity of accidents across our Town in the past few years. It is our responsibility to safeguard for the safety of our neighbors and those who navigate through the Town of Wappinger. Our intention is that through these added lights and additional safety initiatives, we will see a safer community.”

Senior Councilman William H. Beale, who represents the First Ward, went on to say, “The Town of Wappinger is committed to improving public safety on our town roadways and major thoroughfares. With an increase in pedestrian activity, it is necessary to provide additional street lighting for the safety of both the pedestrian and motorists.”

The Town of Wappinger has a contracted agreement with Central Hudson to install and maintain street lighting throughout the Town. New lighting locations include Route 9 south of Old Hopewell Road to FowlerHouse Road, and along All Angels Hill Road and New Hackensack Road at various non-illuminated intersections. If you see a streetlight out in your neighborhood, you can report it below.

Report Streetlight Out

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